is it ok to eat fish

Is it OK to eat fish?

Hey there friend! I’ll bet you do a fair amount of research for your health. I’ve done a little for you to help out. You are not alone if you have been wondering, “What’s the deal with fish? Is it good for us or not?”  Doctors tout the claims that salmon is a top healthy food, that fish is lean protein, but you have also heard to avoid all animal meats. Is it just a compassion thing? Do fish feel anything anyways? Where do I get my Omega threes?

Plant Based Life: Why Do you Want to Be Healthy?

Plant Based Life: Why Do You Want to be Healthy? The magic trick to ensure you stick to your convictions.

The secret to committing to something and making it stick is not complicated at all, but it will be a challenge. You’ve decided to make a big change in your life. But you’re hesitant. You know it’s time, but it feels like toeing the edge of the high dive for the first time of the season. It’s going to be great, epic, exciting, wonderful, exhilarating… but you need a second to muster up your courage.