Let’s Save the World: One Meal at a time

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Save The World
Every morning, I check in with myself on my mission.  Let’s save the world, together. It makes all the back end SEO optimization, the long hours of social media training and action,  the weekly blogging and newsletter writing, and all time and money spent building a brand all worth it. I must stay focused on my true purpose.

I Want to Save the World

I am single focused on the one thing, helping you become. part of the solution by changing the way we think about what we eat.  It has far greater implications than adapting to a healthier lifestyle. Why should anyone ever be vegan? I don’t want to turn people away from the plant based life by offending them. However, I feel it necessary to be truthful in this one place, and honestly explain the truths of why I am vegan.

I am passionate about making the best possible choices to create these three realities:

  • Age Defying Health
  • Lowest Possible Impact on our Environment
  • A Compassionate World.
These three things will have a far reaching and defining positive impact on the world, our loved ones, our planet, and ourselves. How? And why??? Let’s look at these things one at a time.

Save the World With Age Defying Health

Save The WorldWe are a country who suffers from three main causes of death. Heart Disease. Cancer. Stroke. All of these and so many more diseases can be prevented and many times even reversed by eating a plant based diet. I don’t want to spend all of my time on this blog to talk about the science and dig up the studies and prove it to you. I’ve seen it, read it, taken the classes,  and done that work, but it’s not fun for me to be a researcher digging up all the facts and studies to prove my case. It’s true, I know it, I’ve read the studies, and I will be more than happy to share the resources from the tons of amazing plant based leaders and doctors and scientists and health organizations that have already done the heavy lifting and have it as their mission to prove it with actual scientific evidence. They are good at it! I’m good at getting people excited about how much fun they’re about to have joining this super cool club!!! Here’s a good start if you want to dig in: Nutrition Facts Website Some recommended books: How Not to Die, The China Study, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Save The World With Lowest Possible Environmental Impact

SAve The worldI would say this is the main cause in the celebrity arena, creating change on a global scale. Good celebrities are always wanting to use their influence to save the world. Just google what Joaquin Phoenix has gotten arrested for, it isn’t from research for his Joker role. Here are a few common vegan truths, we vegans all know them and preach them. “If you are an environmentalist and you eat meat, you are not an environmentalist.” “You will create a much more profound positive impact on the environment and leave a much smaller carbon footprint by not eating meat or dairy than if you never drove or flew again.” “It takes an enormously larger amount of resources to raise meat than it does to raise plants.” “If we stopped growing plants to feed our meat supply, we could feed the world and end hunger.” If you hit up Instagram or youtube looking up vegan factoids, you’ll find all the juicy details and facts to support these statements along with the data to back it up. Again, not my job, not what I want to do, but I can point you in the right direction. I want to step away from the preaching and teaching and leave it to the experts. Think of me as a friendly concierge to help you get your feet wet in the plant based world, even if it’s just to dip your toe.

Save the World With Compassion

Spin it any which way you want, but there is no possible way to eat an animal without first killing it. We are not eating meat that has skipped around freely and happily its whole life and died in its sleep of old age. Nope. It is absolutely horrific. I do believe that the pain, suffering, and horror these animals experience is absorbed energetically into our bodies and minds. It breaks my heart. However, I will NEVER judge or throw stones at someone for eating meat. I find that to be of very poor taste and quite rude. Our world has become enveloped in the normality of carnism. I certainly do not ever want to be the person to guilt someone while they are enjoying a meal. No one wins in this scenario, and it will only push them further away from the terribleness of vegans and the idea that they would ever consider trying a plant based meal. Of course, I love to follow all the gruesome news and videos and learn as much as I can about the horrors the animals suffer. It keeps me on my toes, and helps me to stay on mission. Poor little veal babies ripped from their crying mothers at birth! It works for me, but I vow to never show the gory details of the meat and dairy industries, I mean we all know how food becomes food. But of course, I’ll be happy to share some resources.

You Can Save the World Starting With Your Plate

These are the thoughts that keep vegans awake at night, knowing that we could save Uncle Fred from getting another bypass surgery. Knowing we could improve the expense of health care. Knowing that our world could be a cleaner and friendlier place. But we know it is absolutely unacceptable in polite conversation. I understand why people eat meat and dairy, and it is their right. I do not believe that the marketing and health industries have done any favors to our health by teaching us that we need so much protein and telling us that these toxic foods are indeed healthy and necessary. It’s a brutal paradigm we live in, but it is changing. Slowly, but surely. Save The WorldHeck, we have Arnold on our side now! Mr. Freaking Universe himself! Alongside a long list of beautiful celebrities and athletes. And we have Doctors fighting legislation to remove dairy from our food pyramid. (Canada already has!) The time will come when eating meat and dairy will be looked upon as unhealthy just like smoking and drinking. People still do it, but they KNOW it is bad for you. It’s your choice, and you are absolutely aware you are CHOOSING to make that health choice. People still smoke, but it’s expensive, dangerous, and it ramps up your cost of insurance. And as a FREE PERSON, you can decide to do it anyway. That’s what I am looking for. Freedom of choice, but the knowledge to know that you also have the right to choose to defend your health, the planet, and the animals. You know. Save the World. 

Kickin' Vegan

Britt Taylor is a Vegan and a 2nd degree blackbelt. She is a wife, mother, and businesswoman. Currently living in bliss with a healthy vegan pregnancy on the lake in South Carolina. A runner (well, mostly a walker these days!) and a personal development director of opportunity. Once she retired in 2019, she has made the free lancing and self made woman world her passion and joy! All she really cares about is helping people transition to a Plant Based lifestyle in the easiest, most painless way and helping them to see that is is easy, fun, sexy and adventurous! She is passionate that it is the truest way that we can live in the peak of health for ourselves, and bonus! The Planet! Britt has an undergrad in both Theatre Arts and Nutrition and decided against pursuing her Master's in order to focus on a truer path in the health paradigm, so she got her online certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. A lifetime studier of health and nutrition has led her on this 30 year journey to be of assistance with those who are trying to navigate this often confusing and contradictory world of nutrition information. She is here to help those who are ready to transition be able to do so with a clarity of purpose and understanding.


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