Get Back on the Horse: How to Complete an Abandoned Task. You got it, Boo!

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Get Back on the Horse

Hello, Kickin’ Friends!

Have you ever been full steam ahead on a project, and then poof! You drop it like it’s hot? Life took a turn, you got busy, you got scared? It happens to the best of us! And I’m here to tell you that it’s normal, it’s ok, it does not make you a failure, and you can pop right back up!

Get Back on the Horse

Stop! I want to get back on!

You may be thinking,

“Well, Kickin’ Vegan, funny you should mention that, as we haven’t seen you in a while!”

True. I pulled a serious submarine and dropped off the radar completely, moments before my first big course launch was supposed to take place. I have worked since July, almost a full year, on creating a course to help you transition to the healthiest lifestyle possible, a Plant Based Lifestyle. It is full of thoroughly researched information, tried and true steps to take to make your life easy, and it is the mark I was put here to make on this planet, doing my part to help our health and longevity and happiness, the planet, and animal welfare. This isn’t some temporary shiny object for me, it’s truly my mission, and I care about it deeply. I’ve been in the vegetarian/vegan/plant based/nutrition world for over 30 years now. Then I disappeared.

This is my first post in about a month. I had been working up to a big launch, and had built up my momentum for months, and I thought I could get it done in the final 2 weeks before I gave birth. Lol, not so much. (It should be easy to get right back to it as soon as he is born, right?)

I could easily have been beating myself up and considering myself a failure for not completing my task on deadline. But who would that serve? My priorities and my capabilities changed dramatically, and I redirected my energies. That was a smart call.

Doing a launch as a “painful chore” while I was completely enveloped in bringing in a new family member wouldn’t have been the best energy to put into a labor of love that I have spent the past year creating. I want to be capable and fresh and excited! I want to serve YOU to the best of my abilities, and that means giving you my undivided best!

I’ll share what I have been up to, but my real purpose here today is to empower all of you to get back up when your momentum cedes, and be happy and excited about it, and teach you how to turn off that disempowering inner dialogue.

Here are the steps:

1. Identify

  • What have you walked away from?
  • Is is truly still worth pursuing, or did you drop it because it isn’t serving you? Be honest!
  • Why did you drop it? What were your obstacles, what were your fears?
  • Identify the guilt and feelings of failure, or any other negative feelings. Face them, disempower them, remove them, and find the positivity to push you in the right direction

2. Visualize

  • What is your desired outcome?
  • What is the timeline?
  • How good will it feel to get it done?
  • What will be your rewards?

3. Inspire

  • Search for inspiration around you. Surround yourself with the people, education, pictures, blogs, podcasts, whatever. Get yourself in the zone
  • Look toward mentors. Is there some one you can call? Some one you can emulate? What can you learn?

4. Schedule It

  • Make yourself a timeline with deadline goals
  • Place it prominently where you can see it often

5. Accountability

  • Tell people all about it. Broadcast it.
  • Get a small group of trusted friends who can keep you on track and check in with them regularly.

For the sake of this post, I am going to use a dual example:

1.My truth in what I have been going through, and

2. Jane and Joe, who are trying to go plant based.

We will walk through the steps together using these examples.  You can use this method for anything, so follow along with something that is on your mind.


Step 1. Identify

  • What have you walked away from?

I have walked away from completing my course launch. The course is complete and ready to go, but it isn’t “out there” for people to know they can get it.

Jane and Joe have walked away from sticking to their plan to go plant based and improve their health and lose weight.

  • Is is truly still worth pursuing, or did you drop it because it isn’t serving you? Be honest! 

I am 100% sure that this is worth pursuing and completing. This is on track for me and my life goals and developing into who I want to be. It serves me in every way: My purpose, my gift of teaching, my years of knowledge and research, my ability to create income doing what I love, my desire to help others and the planet by encouraging and educating about the benefits of the world’s healthiest lifestyle.

Jane is certain this is what she wants. She would like to lose 10 pounds, avoid the heart disease that runs in her family, and help create a more sustainable planet. She feels really bad about not following through, and her guilt is taxing for her.

Joe isn’t sure it’s worth pursuing. He loves eating bacon and barbecue. He loves cheese. He knows it isn’t healthy, and it will shorten his life, but he is having a hard time connecting giving up the joys of eating for a better life. He wonders if it will in fact, be better if he has to eat sissy food. He is overwhelmed by his feelings of failure and letting everyone down, and he needs to lose 40 pounds. He is recognizing that he dropped it because it’s hard, but that it will serve him.

  • Why did you drop it? What were your obstacles, what were your fears?

I dropped getting my course launch done because the last 2 weeks of my third trimester sapped all of my energy, I was busy planning my departure from work, and I was planning the reality of giving birth in the hospital alone without my husband so that he could stay home with the kids. I was worried about being in the hospital during a pandemic. My mind would not focus on anything and I could barely move. I wasn’t firing on all cylinders, not even half, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to complete the task. I was afraid of failure, and I was afraid that I was losing focus. I wanted to be able to “do it all.” But I really just needed naps. Needed.

Jane and Joe both started to slack when they were relegated to the home. It started small, but the allowances for comfort foods and junk crept in a little at a time until Jane was living on oreos and chips (and salad) and Joe was full force back into burgers and pizzas and fried chicken. Jane let doubt sneak in when her gym closed and she was starting to see pounds creep back on. This pushed her into hibernating with less exercise and more junky snacks.

Joe hadn’t quite fully embraced the regular workouts, and felt that the shutdown was a sign that he should just give up. There was no gradual for Joe, he started eating his feelings right away. He felt that he didn’t deserve the healthy lifestyle and that he should resign to “who he really is.” He was battling low self image and feelings of unworthiness.

  • Identify the guilt and feelings of failure, or any other negative feelings. Face them, disempower them, remove them, and find the positivity to push you in the right direction

I faced the truth that I am NOT a failure because I needed to prioritize mine and my baby’s health. Guilt is a useless emotion. I felt I had “let everyone down” by not making the course available, but the truth is, I haven’t let anyone down. They are doing just fine worrying about their own lives, and those who are interested will still be interested a month or two later. I am still putting forth this course, and the stall only gives me a second to be sure I do it right with the right mindset and focus. That will serve everyone better in the end.

Jane realizes too, that guilt won’t serve her at all. She faces the truth that she will probably still be at home for while, and there is a lot in life that she cannot control, but she can easily control her health. She is not a “victim.” She sees the time at home as a way out, as a time to focus on herself and emerge stronger and healthier.

Joe has a harder time with this step, but a it has a much bigger impact.  It takes him some time to admit and acknowledge that his inner voice is not serving him. He struggles to overcome the feeling of failure.  He has a hard time telling himself he is worth it.  He decides to make morning affirmations a part of his daily routine, right before going for a walk. He chooses not to allow himself to feel guilty for not sticking with the plan, and instead, he decides that he will celebrate every day that he makes positive steps as a victory. One step at a time, one decision at a time. Making the moments smaller makes it seem easier for Joe, and he gets excited. He thinks he can do this.  When he celebrates every win, his self esteem starts to skyrocket.

Step 2. Visualize

  • What is your desired outcome?

My desired outcome is to put this course into people’s hands. I will effectively be making an impact in people’s health and in the environment. Once I get this launch under my belt, I’ll be ready to do another, better,  launch, and move on to creating a podcast, and making t-shirts. My year plan will be underway!

Jane’s desired outcome is to be as healthy as she can. She wants to live a long time, she wants to be slim and fit. She wants to be an example for a healthy lifestyle. She wants her family to see the impact it will have on her heart health, and see that they can do it too.

Joe wants to feel better. He wants to be happier and he wants people to notice him, and not his weight. He wants to prove to himself that he can do it. He gets more and more excited as he pictures himself 30 pounds down and running in 5ks.

  • What is the timeline?

I have set myself a 1 month timeline and planned out every step. It will take a concerted effort, but I am ready and fired up!

Jane decides to go cold turkey and be whole food plant based compliant. She plans to start with a one week sugar fast to kick it off. Right away, she cleans out the cabinets and makes a grocery list.

Joe decides to go through the course again and follow the four week immersion plan. He knows he needs guard rails and rules and baby steps to do it right. He makes a commitment to stick to it, and will live at 100% compliance for a full month afterward, before he allows any leeway. He commits to going for walks six times a week.

  • How good will it feel to get it done?

Finalizing my course launch will feel like the weight of the world off my shoulders! It will be the final step in a year long journey of creation and put me in a state of ultimate gratitude and self approval.  I will feel accomplished, like I can do anything, and it will spur a fireball of getting more things done.

Jane will feel like a hot mama who can’t be stopped. It will fuel her passion for fitness and health and make her feel invincible. It will make her feel more confident when talking to her family about the heart healthy benefits.

Joe will be a changed man. Having gotten back on track and seeing the weight come off will make him feel like he is in control of his life and there is nothing he can’t do. He will take the jobs, woo the ladies, rule the basketball courts, and shop in the regular men’s department. He smiles and chuckles to himself at his new identity.


  • What will be your rewards?

I will be able to check it off my list. I have let the “fear of unknown waters” hold me back, and I will feel so accomplished when I just do it. I get a huge sense of accomplishment from finishing a project, and this will be my most personal and biggest one to date. I will feel unstuck and be able to move forward with the other plans I have for the Kickin’ Vegan brand. I will feel like a winner! I will have put out there the content that I feel will be the most helpful and beneficial education for the planet. I will be on my way to doing my part to make the world a better and healthier place.

Jane will be the leader in her family to a better and linger life. She will inspire her family to follow suit when they see how healthy she is. She will lengthen her life and feel happy and bright. She will love feeling slim and fit and sexy and healthy.

Joe will lose the weight for good. He will be able to keep up with his friends and play frisbee and go to the beach and do all the things without hesitation. He will feel happier and he will finally feel really good about himself. With that, he knows he will attract the right people and person into his life. He will say goodbye to sad old chubby Joe who hates his life. He will bury that guy and emerge as the most confident and handsome version of himself.

Step 3. Inspire

  • Search for inspiration around you. Surround yourself with the people, education, pictures, blogs, podcasts, whatever. Get yourself in the zone

I have rewatched a few documentaries on Netflix (Forks Over Knives, Plant Pure Nation) I have dug out some old cookbooks. I have posted pictures on my wall of Rich Roll and Rip Esselstyn hanging out, I have watched marathons of Nutrition videos on youtube and listened to podcasts and listened to “How Not to Die” by Dr. Michael Greger. (a must read!!!) I have just downloaded “How Not to Diet,” and am listening currently. Keep your goal inspirations at the forefront!

Jane has followed a ton of Vegan and Plant Based influencers on instagram, where she does most of her social media. She follows Peta and other animal activists to keep her informed of why she should avoid supporting factory farming. She aligned herself with friends on facebook by joining a few vegan and plant based groups, (like Kickin’ Vegan!) She likes to stay in the know, and follows workout routines on youtube made by Plant Based athletes.

Joe downloaded “How Not to Diet” on audible and listens during his daily walks. He also has been trying out a few podcasts. He has googled some fit looking plant based athletes and put up pictures on his office wall  to inspire his fitness journey. He looked for before and after pictures of people who have had success on a plant based diet and posted those on his fridge. He has prominently displayed his “before” picture and left an empty space for his “after,” currently under construction!

  • Look toward mentors. Is there some one you can call? Some one you can emulate? What can you learn? 

I have reached out to some mentors of mine who are a little ahead of me in the online course world, and have made a success as entrepreneurs. I have spoken with mentors who have made a life out of their passion. I asked them about their lower moments and how they pulled themselves back up. I emulate the patterns of success of people I look up to.

Jane sent a message to some women she has chatted in threads on facebook communities or in instagram posts and let them know where she is at, asking for advice or inspiration. She made a few friends who are in the same boat. She also heard from Joe, who is a work friend that she had inspired, and has agreed to be accountability buddies.

Joe reached out to his friend from work, Jane. He let her know that since they’ve been working from home, he has decided to reinvest in becoming plant based and told her about his weight loss goal. He told her she was really inspiring, and asked if she would like to check in a few times a week for inspiration. She excitedly accepted, and told him she also needed accountability since she was reinvesting in going full force.

Step 4. Schedule It

  • Make yourself a timeline with deadline goals

I have set out a one month plan to do a great launch. I have it all mapped out, and although I struggle with finishing moments to get it done between feedings, pumping, and soothing the baby, I’m giving myself the grace to do what I can when I can, and when I do get a brief moment, I pop open my laptop and get right to it, knowing my windows are short and far apart!  I have a progress plan to check off as I go.

Jane decided to go along the Zero to Plant based Hero course with Joe. She will commit to living in the fourth week of compliance, while working through all four weeks and helping Joe along. She knows she can stay strong for him when he gets through the course so that he can live at 10% compliance through the following month. Knowing he is depending on her gives here a steel strength to be a good example.

Joe sets out on his four week course. He will follow it to a tee, and has fully committed to a full month of compliance after the four week course. He will skip the first week of preparation and get right to week one of the process, and he will use the 6th week of the course as his first week of full compliance.  He will check in regularly with Jane, they set a calendar for a weekly zoom call, and they will use the Marco Polo app for daily updates.

  • Place it prominently where you can see it often

I have made my checklist into a visual that is in my face every day. I can refer to it many times daily. I plan on placing the major chunks of the goal on my huge dry erase wall in my kitchen. Then the whole family can see it and it holds me to another level of accountability.

Jane made a spreadsheet calendar with goals on it and sent it to Joe. They printed them out and hung them on their walls. Joe put alerts into his calendar and invited Jane, so they will know when to weigh in and when to start the next phase of the plan. He also made himself a workout progress poster that he put in his front hall, so he can check it off when he gets in his daily walks. They friended up on fitbit and are cheering on each other’s workouts, and putting in their weight goals and weigh in progress.

Step 5. Accountability

  • Tell people all about it. Broadcast it.

Once I wrote out my month plan, I took photos of it and sent it to two of my accountability groups. I admitted that I was scared and that I was going to do it anyway. Now that they have the plan, they can hold me to it and ask me about my progress. We have weekly check-ins and share our goals and wins and lessons each week. Then I wrote a whole blog post about it! (Hiya!)

Jane feels like being a mentor and partner with Joe is pretty good, but she also keeps up with her new friends on social media, and has share with her Dad what her plan is and is giving him updates every time they call, which is several times a week. He is skeptical, but cheering her on and eagerly awaiting her results. He’s started looking into this whole plant based thing and promised her he would watch GameChangers on Netflix this week.

Joe made a whole big post on Facebook about it with his unflattering before picture. He cannot wait to make updates, and has started an instagram account so he can post regularly. After his first scary post with the before picture, He made his next post of a selfie walking out the door for his daily workout. (Muscle arm emoji! Hashtag Winning!)

  • Get a small group of trusted friends who can keep you on track and check in with them regularly.

I have my pod sisters who keep me in check. We have been on a weekly accountability for almost three years now. They are my life and we all keep each other on track! I also have a 90 day challenge group on Marco Polo and we check in daily, as well as my college buddies on Marco Polo, all of us on a runner’s journey to get and stay fit in this social distancing world.

Jane and Joe are already doing a great job reporting in and staying motivated, she is cheering on his instagram activity, and he is cheering on her chats with her Dad. Joe decided to also reach out to his brother, who has always been really fit, and get his support as well. He joined some of the groups on facebook that Jane recommended.

You’ve got it from here!

If you have read this far, it appears like Jane and Joe can’t fail! Here’s the great news; In the unlikely event that they slip on their journey, they have a huge safety net in place. They can also repeat this process to get back on track, and do so more quickly as they won’t let those feelings of defeat take over.

I am determined and fired up and excited about this launch! I’m making my dreams come true! I have a real challenge getting this done with a newborn in the house, but I won’t let that become a limiting belief. Some other things are gonna slide. (I’ll get my Marie Kondo game on after the launch.)

Are these steps something you can use  to regain some control over your destiny? What have you let slip by that you are going to get back to?  Is it worth it, does it serve you, and what tools will you use to ensure success?

We are all human, so it’s ok to slip, but let’s not let each other fall! Who has your back, and who’s back do YOU have? The power of accountability cannot be overlooked here.

I know you can do it, and I can’t wait for you to see that I can do it, too! 

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