Plant Based Life: Why Do you Want to Be Healthy?

Plant Based Life: Why Do You Want to be Healthy? The magic trick to ensure you stick to your convictions.

The secret to committing to something and making it stick is not complicated at all, but it will be a challenge. You’ve decided to make a big change in your life. But you’re hesitant. You know it’s time, but it feels like toeing the edge of the high dive for the first time of the season. It’s going to be great, epic, exciting, wonderful, exhilarating… but you need a second to muster up your courage.

The Skin You're In

The Skin You Are In- Respecting and Loving Yourself

I hope you are feeling as fantastically sound in body and mind as I am. I want to talk for a quick second about the magic of a woman’s body. This post is going to get really personal, but the takeaway I want you to leave with, is one of respect for yourself and what your body has to offer you.

Let’s create a movement of happiness when we truly accept ourselves, stop with the stories and the self abuse, and lean way in to treating ourselves like the awesome miracles that we are.