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Fun, Adventurous, Sexy Plant Based Living

Join the journey of self discovery and untangle the confusing and contradictory world of nutrition once and for all.

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Have you been curious about the Plant Based way?

This is your place to start to learn how to join the Gorgeous, Sexy, Fun, Exciting Plant- Based Life. Maybe you have some questions: Is it a diet? A lifestyle? Is it good for me? Can I lose weight? Can I gain muscle? Is it tasty? Is it Fun? If you are ready to let it rip or just want to learn more and maybe later you’ll stick a toe in, start here! This site is for everyone. It is not here to tell anyone how right or wrong they are. It is here to show you how fun, easy, delicious and healthy the plant based lifestyle is.

Here you can get clarity on terms (What’s the difference between plant based, WFPB, vegan, vegetarian, raw) Here you will receive help on how to transition from where you are to where you want to be. We will assure you that you will be healthy and safe. (Healthier and Safer to be sure!) You can also find resources here, so if you desire to educate yourself on the whys: be it the science, the compassion, the environment, you can learn more on your own- this is about empowering YOU to make the choices that work best for YOU by giving you every opportunity to have the best advantage with supportive and knowledgable guidance.

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Hi, I'm Britt!

Recently retired from running a martial arts school, I decided to dedicate my time to my true passion: sharing my light and helping others live their best, most energetic lives. Kickin’ Vegan is a brand whose existence is solely for the purpose of helping those who are ready transition to the plant-based life. A decision that is so easy for my family and I, that we've have been living this way for 17 years together.

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Are Vegans Malnourished?

The question might be better asked; are Americans malnourished? Obese Americans eating at fast food restaurants are certainly malnourished.  It's not as apparent, as they are not undernourished!  Yet, many vegans get a bad rap for being malnourished.
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Accountability For The Win: Reach your goals

Call your Mom. Call your BFF. Tell people you're doing this.  You should be so convicted, they are slightly worried about you, make it weird.
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Protein, Fatigue, and Plant Life

I blacked out at work in the middle of the vitamin department. I'm the health consultant, ready to serve, and I fall out hard. This is a series. I dredge up this unsavory bit of my past because I have had several conversations this week about the phases of going to a Plant Based Life, and how some people have experienced fatigue, or light headedness.
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How Healthy are Vegan Substitutes?

These days, there is an entire universe of magical and delicious vegan foods! Anything you can dream of comes in a vegan version at almost every corner grocery. It's truly amazing, and we've made some progress! Or Have We?
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Let’s Save the World: One Meal at a time

Every morning, I check in with myself on my mission. I want to save the world. I am single focused on this one thing, helping you become. part of the solution by changing the way we think about what we eat. Going Plant Based has far greater implications than adapting to a healthier lifestyle. 
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10 Plant Based Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Build your dream PlantBased Kitchen! Yeah! You'll be the envy of every cooking show host wannabee you know! Who doesn't want their life to be easier? Some things are absolutely worth the investment for how they pay you back in time and food costs. And some things, are such simple and cheap fixes that change your life for the littlest investment.
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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Go Out and Run

4. It’s laundry day, I don’t have the right running outfit. For starters, no one thinks its okay to run in unfashionable rags, like a tshirt, how gauche. And that “iffy” pile on the floor that isn’t quite in the hamper or the closet, well, you couldn’t possibly wear any of that to get all sweaty in right before a shower! Best to wait until all of your dress run gear gets back from the cleaners.
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Yes, You Need B-12

B-12 is a microbe that covers the earth. It does not come from plants or animals.  It comes from dirt and rivers and streams.  Since we have evolved to live over 30 years old by decontaminating (sanitizing) our food and water so that we don’t catch diseases, we have also destroyed our natural sources of B-12.  Meat eaters get B-12 because their meat was supplemented when it was alive. We are much better off taking the supplements ourselves. 
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Is it OK to eat fish?

Hey there friend! I'll bet you do a fair amount of research for your health. I've done a little for you to help out. You are not alone if you have been wondering, "What's the deal with fish? Is it good for us or not?"  Doctors tout the claims that salmon is a top healthy food, that fish is lean protein, but you have also heard to avoid all animal meats. Is it just a compassion thing? Do fish feel anything anyways? Where do I get my Omega threes?
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Eat Plants, Be Happy! Increasing Joy with a Plant Based Lifestyle

People who eat a plant based diet experience greater happiness. Science has proven the effects of eating 8 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day has a significant impact in feelings of satisfaction with one's life. It's not just because they feel good about themselves eating a healthy diet, it is actually caused by chemical changes in the body. 
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